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Dark American History Honey Blood Wood Flag Laptop Bag

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  1. Only 1000 Collect while supplies last
  2. Combination material description: metal zipper head, plastic handle, PVC composite material body
  3. Printing technology: double-sided printing
  4. Size description:



  • 10inch 29x22x1.5cm
  • 12inch 32x24x1.5cm



  1. Material Description: Diving material (neoprene)
  2. Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, waterproof material, do not have to worry about raining down your computer will not be tired for a long time, ergonomic load-bearing system makes you as light as a swallow.
  3. Scene application: The zippered bag on the top of the computer bag slides smoothly, you can easily put your laptop computer, such as power adapter, line, to provide more convenience, the pen and notepad are ultra-thin and light; the thickness will not increase after the computer is placed. Easily put in your briefcase, backpack or other bags.