IN 2021 Lets Make Our STORY thrive beyond F.E.A.R.

RAZRWING A.R. Hydra Digital Download

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COLLECT A.R. Hydra CREST- 10/31 at 11 pm est.

Click here to download A.R. Hydra Crest App

Be the first to purchase R digital A.R. Hydra

download on October 31rst at 11pm est on

Starting at $11.95 usd ..For those who download the AR Hydra Crest

and send us pictures with yourself & A.R. Hydra Crest

Will receive code to purchase the Hydra for $9.56 usd

and those who Purchase Razrwing Merchandise

and Take pictures with Merchandise 
A.R.Hydra Crest

Will receive code to purchase the AR Hydra for $7.17 usd

Only 1000 A.R. Hydras will be available

collect yours while supplies last


For android use only

For Ios hydra 

Coming Soon..