IN 2021 Lets Make Our STORY thrive beyond F.E.A.R.


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Razrlingz Collect today -Only 1000 masks will be made-

RAZRWING- SCALES & STARS -FACE MASK these designer masks are limited editions

re-visioned designs of older designs and concepts in Dark art story telling the

beginnings of the RAZRWING Brand -Collect All designs ..while supplies last

- Breathable 100% 2-Layer Polyester Fabric

- Comfortable Fit With Elastic or Fabric Straps

- Machine Washable and Reusable

- 2 Sizes Available: Large (most adults) and Small (petite and youth)

- Perfect for Individuals, Employees, & Customers

- Estimated 10 business days production time + shipping time

- Additional Use as a Covering for N95 Masks

in these continuing troubling times.. We need to come together to "C" this through R symbol against the virus

..Lets "C" it through to STOP the SPREAD..Please Fight to "C" that 30% of R proceeds go to Help these Causes

Remember to Wash your hands before putting your mask on
to avoid contaminating the mask.Once you have clean hands,
Option 1 grab the mask by the top straps and tie them together above your ears.
Option 2 tie the two bottom straps together below your ears at the top of your neck.
Make sure your mask is covering your nose at least up to its bridge, is covering your mouth around your chin
and is snug against your face without any gaps on either side Please Do not touch your mask or pull it down under your chin
while wearing it. Use the rear straps to reposition it while in use. wash your hands before removal.
store in a safe place. Clear regular to ensure the mask remains germ free. Please Stay safe

..Lets "C" through this Together Thank you
come see us soon
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