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Couch Potato #CYOUONTHECOUCH Face Mask

Couch Potato #CYOUONTHECOUCH Face Mask

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We are in troubling times friends.. and We need to come together to "C" through this R partner is offering new content on roku and amazon fire tv ..Lets "C" it through to STOP the SPREAD

Please Fight to "C" that 60% of R proceeds go to Help these Causes

..Lets "C" through this Together Thank you

 Estimated 10 business days production time + shipping time, unless coupled with products that have a longer stated production time. . #razrwing #areSports2020 #eSports #gamer #facemask #cyouonthecouch #letscthisthrough #limited #edition #stopthespread #coronavirus . .

This product is hand made and made on-demand. Expect delivery to US in 11-23 business days (international 14-33 business days).