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Are XR Retail Game Starts Summer/ Fall 2019

Are Company is specializing and pioneering in “Wearable Entertainment Interactive Technology” and “Augmented Reality Gaming” which will allow Customers to purchase t-shirts, hats, cellphone covers, etc. in support of the Story they are choosing to defend against other Customers / gamers in a retail gaming season.. The augmented reality game developed by the RAZRWING INC. will revolve Strategic Purchases and Battling for Points in either PROTECTING or DEFENDING their Chosen Story and territories From other Groups and Players Month to Month Season after Season Determining the Direction of the RAZRWING Story ( “Seeker,” “Victim,” “Snatch,” and “Burn” which are based off of specific psychological and behavioral traits: aggression, obsession, seduction, and attention respectively). Gamers, that choose one of four story lines they want to defend, and compete interactively for RSKIN points – the team with the highest points chooses what storied merchandise Aggression, Obsession, Seduction, Attention will be retailed in the Brick and Mortar stores depending upon what region they are defending. Unlike anything in the apparel or the gaming industry today, points for this augmented reality game can be earned both by AR Skin Battle connecting with other teams: GPS Interaction defending the same story or Part of the Same Group Hunter, Prey, Widow, Moth or by purchasing apparel that supports a gamer’s team. Apparel purchases can be entered into the gamer’s smart device to be counted as points towards the customers team either for exclusive Purchase/Protection of the team in the three month playing season game toward the ultimate goal at the end of the twelve month playing season: having the team with the most Defended theme Stories of their choosing: Seeker, Victim, Snatch, Burn, in the majority of where ever the regions where Razrwing is played to Achieve Shield Skin Making their group stronger for next playing season.

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